• Beauty Travel Essentials

    Tomorrow, I will be on a 16 hour flight from London to Denpasar (Bali), via Hong Kong. I thought that this would be the perfect time to share with you my travel beauty essentials. Long haul flights are known to drain the glow out of your skin, and leave it feeling dehydrated and dull. However, I find that with the help of a few beauty essentials, dry and dull skin can be avoided!!

    For my first beauty travel essential, I have chosen my all time favourite moisturisers: First Aid Beauty. This was a recent purchase in the hope to leave my dry skin hydrated once and for all. (The link to the ultra repair cream can be found here and the link to the coconut skin smoothie priming moisturiser can be found here.) The ultra repair cream works miracles, and despite being in a tube the consistency of the moisturiser is extremely rich and thick, which for me, is the best thing possible! The ultra repair cream is more hydrating than the coconut skin primer; I prefer to use this as a night cream (or on a night flight). The coconut skin priming moisturiser provides both hydration and glossiness at the same time. When applied, your skin appears to glow and is perfect for wearing underneath makeup or, just by itself. This is superb for when you wake up from your long beauty sleep after a lengthly flight…

    My second beauty essential is face masks. These are perfect for pretty much anything and each face mask provided a different use. For example, one mask provides after sun care, the other hydration etc. I fully appreciate that wearing a face mask on a plane could lead to ultimate embarrassment, however, you will be the one with the last laugh! Face masks are an inexpensive way of relaxing and keeping your skin up to date, just as if you were at home. I prefer using sheet masks on flights simply because they are much less hassle and save the messy aftercare. The Caribbean Coconut face mask can be found here, the Anatomical rose mask can be found here and finally, the Say Yes To cucumber mask can be found here.

    Finally, my last beauty travel essentials are all found on Charlotte Tilbury. I adore all of these three products, they are always my go to skincare savers. The first product is Charlotte’s Magic Night Cream; this is anti-ageing, but works on all types of skin, and for me is what makes this products so amazing! The night cream has a rich and thick consistency, leaving your skin beautifully moisturised. Although, this does not come in a smaller size, I would one hundred percent recommend this to any one willing to try. The link for this magic night cream can be found here.

    The second product is the same as the magic night cream, except the day version! The difference between the day and night cream is not too obvious, but the day cream is lighter, but nonetheless just as rich in moisture. I use this product just before the flight is about to land, as the night cream is a tiny bit too thick. The link for this magic cream can be found here.

    Thirdly, the overnight bronze and glow mask is such a wonderful thing to carry around, regardless if you are travelling or not. Although this mask may be more difficult to wear on a flight, it is great for during your holiday. It makes your skin vibrant and gives it a subtle bronzed glow. The link for the mask can be found here.


    I hope, that my travel beauty essentials are able to give you some inspiration for your next travel adventure. All the links for the products featured are still available and all featured in this post.