• Summer dresses: The ultimate guide

    Summer dresses: The ultimate guide

    Summer has already started; the frantic search for dresses to wear on holiday continues, once again. I think that I must have tried on every single dress possible in the whole entire world! But, does dress shopping really have to be so difficult?

    For today’s blog post, I have created five different categories of dresses. The first category being: Beach dresses/ cover-ups. The second category is mini dresses, the third category is maxi dresses, the fourth category is printed dresses, and finally, the fifth category is evening dresses. This post will give you the inspiration that you need to go out and buy your perfect dress for summer.

    Category 1: Beach dresses/ cover-ups

    Personally, flattering beach dresses are increasingly hard to find nowadays. I am not particularly into  traditional kaftans, I find them uninspiring and unflattering. The best coverups are those that are dainty and sheer. All they require is a pair of lace up sandals and a glass of cold rose overlooking the beach. They have to be somewhat practical, but nevertheless stunning and one hundred percent Instagram worthy! I have pulled together my favourite beach dresses/ cover-ups that are perfect for those lazy beach days spent by the ocean.

    1. Privacy Please striped dress
    2. Valentina beach dress
    3. For Love and Lemons dress

    Category 2: Mini dresses 

    Mini dresses are a wardrobe staple; you can never go wrong with a swinging mini dress. They don’t always have to be for teenage girls attending their friends birthday party. With so much choice from the high street and online retailers, we are left with ample opportunities of choice. Try to be wise with your mini dress: if you have a smaller frame, ruffles and layers are going to be your best friend. If you are taller and broader, try an elegant a-line dress or belted shirt dress. By dressing for your figure, you are able to pull off cuts you never knew you could!

    During this season, we have seen a rise of the tea dress. Topshop have  a large range of tea dresses in all cuts. My personal favourite: Topshop’s wrap tea dress. Whilst remaining feminine, the cut of the dress is still playful and suitable for either the beach or the city. It is extremely versatile; that is why I love it so much. Add a suede jacket for chilled boho vibes. Or, if the gipsy look isn’t really your forte, add a denim jacket in a light wash to highlight your youthful personality.

    1. Asos polka dot pleated dress
    2. J.O.A  dress
    3. H&M white dress
    4. Self Portrait dress

    Category 3: Maxi dresses

    Every suitcase needs a maxi dress, regardless of the destination or occasion. A maxi dress is a summer staple; you can make the dress work for both day and night. In my opinion, maxi dresses should not drown your figure. They must fit you and your shape; this is why I suggest investing in a well made and well fitted maxi dress, as they don’t just have to be for summer. Some of the best maxi dresses are those that are simple, yet they can easily be matched with any accessory.

    There are never ending options for this category…The type of maxi dress can make or break your outfit. If, you are shorter, I would recommend looking for a dress with an asymmetric hem, and a floral print. Or try a linen wrap dress with a belt. This will help give the illusion that your legs are longer, without drowning your figure.

    Taller figures should opt for a dress with a fuller skit and a tighter top half. The full skirt will give a more feminine and elegant touch, whilst the top half of the dress (more fitted than the bottom) creates structure for the dress.

    To accessorise add a cropped leather jacket, for colder city nights. If you have the luxury of being in the sun, then add a silk shawl. The silk shawl adds a touch of luxury and glamour, without taking the spotlight of your dress.

    1. Dodo Bar Or dress
    2. Cooperative striped dress
    3. Jcrew striped dress

    Category 4: Printed dresses 

    Florals, polka dots and stripes are examples of prints you would find on a dress. This season has blessed us with some inspirational prints, allowing us to dream…

    Prints have a certain reputation of throwing their buyers off. They are more difficult to pull off. If you are petite, avoid big, bold prints; they have a tendency of overpowering your frame. I adore silk dresses. If worn right, they can be very effortless and chic. They create a more feminine look and are easy to accessorise. Bold prints are daring, but if you love flaunting flamboyant shape and patterns, don’t stop there! Add a silk printed scarf or a printed clutch. Be brave! If you prefer more subtle prints, try opting for a dainty necklace and a pair of lace up espadrilles. This will tie the look together, without drawing attention away from the printed dress.

    If you want your dress to become a versatile piece, dress it depending on your occasion and mood. Botanical prints are perfect for more tropical destinations, whereas, blush pink prints are for dreamy destinations such as Europe. By adding a leather belt, the outfit is instantly improved and you present a structured and well accessorised look. Perhaps, try adding a  jacket, for colder nights in a city. The leather jacket will give your dress the oomph it needs. Or, of course you could sport a bomber jacket to create a luxe vibe.

    1. Zara printed dress
    2. Cecile Copenhagen silk dress
    3. For Love and Lemons pink printed dress

    Category 5: Evening dresses

    We are guaranteed to have a special occasion, dinner or event when on holiday. So, it is only appropriate that in order to look like a million dollars we find the “it” dress. I believe that your outfit can tell a thousand stories…That is why finding the perfect evening dress is essential.

    I think that the cut of the dress is just as important as the elegance. The dress entirely depends on the occasion. I wouldn’t wear a long gown to a club, but likewise, I would not wear a mini body con dress to a family dinner! However, the rules are changing; gone are the days of wearing long black dresses or tailored suit and ties. Designers such as Chloe and Prada have redefined evening wear. Embellished skater shoes and diamanté ripped jeans are now appropriate for a cocktail bar. However, as this is post on dresses I shan’t venture into the depths of other ready to wear garments.

    “What do I wear?” is asked far too much. All one needs is an asymmetric dress with a few embellishments or a revamped LBD. Evening wear is changing and I think it is for the best. Hotels can be fussy, but on the whole rules are slowly disappearing. If you want to wear your favourite printed dress with bell sleeves and embroidery, I say go for it.

    1. Jcrew red dress
    2. Privacy Please star maxi dress
    3. Whistles yellow dress