• Ubud photography + some exciting news

    Ubud photography + some exciting news

    Whilst being here, in Ubud, I have suddenly found a love for botanics and plants. The villa we are staying in is simply beautiful. (To rent via Airbnb click here– the host is amazing; if you are ever in Ubud, stay here!!). The white walls and the outdoor bathrooms make for the best Instagram photos. There are plants everywhere; it has made me realize that I am a sucker for leafs and plants.

    Like a lot of the houses in Ubud: they bring the outside in. There are marble bath-tubs and marble sinks that overlook palm trees and fern leafs. In the morning, all the doors are open and light beams in.

    Staying in Summer Moon has forced me to be a lot more creative with my photography. I thought that I would share with you my photography tips, how I take my photos and how I edit them/ the apps I use.

    The equipment I use: 

    -For the majority of my pictures, I will use my iPhone 6s. It provides great quality and I always have my phone on me. The best camera is the one you have with you. Therefore, it is the easiest way for me to capture my shots. I like to save all my inspiration for my pictures on my phone (e.g from Instagram or Pinterest), so it makes it easily accessible to refer back to them! However, making your own inspiration is an even better idea.

    -If, I am not using my phone, I will opt for my Canon 1200D with the Canon zoom 18-55mm lens. This is a more basic lens (the kit lens that came with the camera) so, it won’t provide the absolute best images. But, for me it works wonders. When I want to shoot with a higher quality lens I will use a Canon 50mm f 1.4 lens (my dad’s!!) and this lens is just insane.

    -From time-to-time, I use a tripod for shooting images on self timer, or when I want a slower shutter speed (the TV setting). Otherwise, I will either use self timer or ask a member of my family.

    The camera settings I like to use:

    -Of course, on an iPhone, controlling the shutter speed, aperture and ISO is, well impossible. This is because the camera of an iPhone is automatic-it does all the work for you! This is good for shots that already have good lighting and the frame is set up. However, for certain shots, I like to have more control over the settings.

    -Every camera has three basic features that anyone can change: aperture, shutter speed and ISO. These three components all work in a triangle. Meaning, that if you change one, at least one of the other two will change. I have my camera set to Aperture Priority, the ISO would be set to 100- the higher ISO you go, the grainier your image will turn out. In a well lit room or on a sunny day, the shutter speed is usually around a sixtieth of a second- this is quick and ensures no blur in your image. However, if you are looking for a bit of blur, try opting for a tripod.The aperture is on 8 (the “F” number that appears on the display menu of the camera).

    The post picture taking process:

    -Most photos either have a filter applied or have been edited with the assistance of apps we find on our iPhones. I have 7 apps that I always use to edit my pictures. I know, seven is a lot! But, obviously I will not use all seven at once. I don’t believe in over editing my photos- I will always stay true to the original image.

    1. Facetune. The oh-so controversial app. However, most people do not realize that there is so much more to Facetune than changing the dimensions of your body or smoothing your skin. For photos taken, featuring a white background or the color white, I use the “whitening tool”. All this does, is stop the white background from appearing slightly yellow. It makes the white pop and is super useful for those which have a white feed.
    2. Lightroom. On a laptop, a subscription fee is required. However, on a phone: it is free. I like how professional Lightroom is and is very similar to photoshop. My favourite feature of the app is something called: “optics”. It provides lens correction which is very useful for DSLR images.
    3. Afterlight. This app is one of my favorites. In Ubud, the lighting is relatively strong, so I will use brightness, contrast and exposure, to adjust the image to the way I think is best. I also use grain and use the most grain possible- this is not as much as you may think.
    4. VSCO. Another popular one! VSCO is great if you like using filters. If I use any filter it is A6. This filter is super popular but I rarely use it. I like using VSCO for tinting my images or, using the skin tone feature on portrait shots.
    5. Filmborn. I love this app so much because if you’re a lover of vintage photography, they provide filters from popular film cameras. It has three brands: Fujifilm, Ilford and Kodak. Each come with three iconic filters; these each have unique settings.
    6. UNUM. This app is not an editing app as such. It basically allows you to view your Instagram feed: you can move current posts around, plan out new posts and temporarily hide posts. This comes in handy when I am planning out my feed. It helps you think about the best arrangement for you Instagram profile.
    7. PicsArt. I only use one setting on this app; this is the freestyle collage. Although, none of my collages feature on my Instagram, they are about to appear on my blog! The app is basic; it involves playing around with the layers and the background.

    There it is: how I take and edit my photographs. Ubud has turned my Instagram feed into a botanical greenhouse- and I am totally ok with that (but, I am going to have to find lots of plants when I arrive back in London).

    edti 1

    Exciting news!!!:

    As Steal The Street grows and attracts more and new readers, I am introducing a new feature: a mailing list. I hope this feature will be a source of extra engagement and allow me to interact with my readers on a more personal level. This is a work in progress, and I hope to get monthly e-mails out to all my readers. Eventually this will turn into more regular e-mails, as my audience grows. I hope my audience is able to get more of a feel for Steal The Street, and my intentions I want to set out for my audience.

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    Isabella xx