• Instagram worthy- London guide

    Instagram worthy- London guide

    I feel like in today’s world, not an hour goes past without checking Instagram. If you don’t have Instagram, then like what are you even doing with your life? Because Instagram plays such a huge part in how we connect, act and view life, I am going to be sharing with you my most Instagram worthy places in London.


    1. Sketch London

    Sketch is a celebrity hotspot; giving you the perfect excuse to give it a visit. Sketch does the BEST afternoon tea (omg, this is such a British thing, but it’s sooo good!), if the afternoon tea is not worth it, then just take a billion snaps of the pink parlour room. Plus, the toilets are insane. They are neon pods and I’m not even kidding, there are more people in the toilets than actually in the parlour room.

    2. Granger and Co. (the Notting Hill branch)

    Granger and Co, has this really laid back, chill kinda vibe. It makes it ever so easy to just sit with a flat white and some avocado on toast, watching the world go by! But seriously, what makes Granger and Co Instagram worthy is the location. Notting Hill is one of my favourite places in London; the coloured buildings and high end shops makes for a perfect Sunday and Instagram picture.

    3. Farm Girl cafe

    The Farm Girl cafe has PINK TABLES!!! Surely, this is any girls dream? I really love Farm Girl; it has the best food, which is obviously a plus, however, they also do Rose lattes and Turmeric lattes, which I must admit are my favourite thing in the entire world. Of course, the pink tables make it hard to find a place to sit, but the long line really is worth the wait.I really don’t know if you can get more “London” than this place…

    4. Alma CafeĀ 

    The Alma Cafe, in Barnes, serves Turmeric lattes and acai bowls and the best smoothies imaginable. The best thing about this cafe is that ALL the tables are MARBLE!!! Which, of course is the epitome of getting a good Instagram food photo. The interior of the cafe features botanical plants, leather sofas and not to forget, the marble tables. Another thing I love about the Alma, is the staff are super friendly and always make you feel welcome.



    1. Portobello Road/ Market

    Portobello Road, is one of my favourite places in London. Firstly, all the houses are pastel colors which always makes for the perfect Instagram! The market has a super relaxed atmosphere and I love taking a slow stroll all the way down to the bottom of the market. On the weekends, they often have live music and a bigger market, compared to the smaller one during the week. There are plenty of vintage shops and cafes to browse in along the way.

    2. Columbia Road Flower market

    Columbia Road is a tradition in my family; every Christmas eve, we all go up to the market and buy poinsettias. Columbia Road is beautiful and has such a lively buzz going on. Behind the flower market, is the “Lily Vanilli” bakery/ cafe. My favourite thing to get is the rose and pistachio frangipan tarts, along with a flat white. It makes for the perfect treat! However, on weekends you do have to push your way through the crowds, but it is a small price to pay for the beautiful flowers.

    3. Petersham Nurseries

    Petersham Nurseries is one of my favourite places to have a coffee and a slice of cake. I love going to here because it has rustic furniture, sweet smelling plants and herb gardens. The cake is delicious and perfect after a long walk down the river. The worn down tables make for a great flat lay photograph. Try the grilled flat peaches for dessert, I guarantee it does not disappoint.

    Do you guys have any favourite spots in London for coffees or brunch? If so let me know, as I’d love to here about them!



    (Disclaimer some images are not mine)