• My festival must haves- everything you should be wearing

    My festival must haves- everything you should be wearing

    It’s that time of year again…FESTIVAL SEASON!!! In a couple of weeks time, my friends and I are venturing into a world of three man tents, mud and baby wipes. I thought, that it would only be appropriate to feature my festival must haves for this years festival season.

    Personally, a festival is whatever you want it to be. If a festival for YOU, is wearing the wackiest sunnies ever and having your face covered in glitter then go for it! Or maybe, it is being around your friends and drinking your sorrows away after reading your GCSE results *cry*. Whatever it may be, you might as well do it in style, am I right? But, with so many clothes to choose from, festival shopping may be rather daunting. Fear not! I have put together my favourite festival items to ensure you party in style:

    1. Urban Outfitters sunglasses              2. Topshop denim shorts           3. Topshop crochet top                               4. Dollskill sequin mini dress             5.Dollskill graphic cami              6. Brandy Melville mesh top                                   7. Alexa Chung sweatshirt                 8. Unif skirt                                 9. Jaded London mini dress                                 10. Eastpak bum bag


    So, there you have it, my favourite festival must haves. I really do think that a festival isn’t a festival without dressing up and planning your outfit four weeks in advance. After all, don’t we just go to festivals for the photos?

    Let me know in the comments, your favourite item. If you want, tweet me any pictures you have of you at a festival in your favourite outfit!