• The only items you’ll ever need for your transition wardrobe

    The only items you’ll ever need for your transition wardrobe

    Putting together a transition wardrobe can be daunting; the feeling that summer is over and the bad weather is near approaching. But, to be honest, I am ready to bring out the coats and boots! It feels like forever since I put on more than one layer; quite frankly, I miss it. I don’t want to be that person who, as soon as summer starts, wishes it was once winter again. But, I have got to the point where I am missing the warm fires and the rustle of the Autumn leaves. I’m not trying to be all poetic, but Autumn for me, is one of my favourite seasons…Having said that, whilst writing this post, the weather outside is nothing to be excited about. London is everything but hot weather and blue skies.

    Aside from the weather, Autumn can be hard to dress for. Do I wear a coat? Should I bring out my boots? Or, is it too early to wear a turtle neck? Unfortunately, I cannot give you an answer to these questions! However, I can provide you with some pieces to make your transition wardrobe better.

    1. Mango PVC coat 2. Mango trench coat 3. Uterque blouse 4. Uterque face tee 5. Mira Mikati tee 6. Topshop asymmetric dress 7. H&M mules 8. Reebok sneakers 9. Topshop trousers 10. Topshop palazzo pants

    I really hope that you love these transition pieces, just as much as I do! Comment your favourite item below; I always love hearing your opinions xx

    P.S I am off to Barcelona on Sunday, to escape the London rain. Get excited to see my Barcelona city break outfits and a travel vlog (when I am back of course!)