• My city guides: Barcelona day 1

    My city guides: Barcelona day 1

    Hola, from sunny Barcelona at ten o’clock at night! Yes, I know that #thenightisyoung and #soamI, but I have been walking around the city all day and have got to the point where I need to sit in bed and slowly close my eyes! Also, for the record I am not sixty, I am sixteen- but everyone needs a little rest right?

    I have been really wanting to start a feature to my blog titled, you guessed it- “my city guides”. Considering I live in a city (London), and I am visiting a city (Barcelona), surely it is more than appropriate to have this section feature on my blog? Today’s post is all about me, showing you, all my amazing (ok, well you can be the judge of that) photos I have taken so far. Photography is my passion. I love it-what can I say! But, wandering the alleyways of Barcelona, has been nothing but a pleasure. I have drunken fresh smoothies, eaten the best tapas and people watched to my hearts content.

    I hope that you love all of these photos, just as much as I do.  xx



    That’s all my favourite photos from the first day and a half! If you wannna see more photos follow me on Instagram here. Next time, I will be sharing what I wore in Barcelona- followed by the best places to eat. My video diary will be coming very soon, so stay tuned for that! xx