• Barcelona city: the best places to eat

    Barcelona city: the best places to eat

    Whenever I travel, I always check Instagram for the best places to eat. I honestly think that by looking at other bloggers/ influencers accounts, you can find the best places in the city or destination you are going to. For me, the food is just as important as the sites (you can probably tell via my Instagram!!). So, today I am sharing with you my favourite places to eat in Barcelona. Also, this post WILL feature my very first TRAVEL VIDEO DIARY!!!! Click more to view the article:

    Breakfast destinations-

    1. Flax and Kale. This was by far my favourite place to eat breakfast in Barcelona. Seen as we were only there for a short period of time- three breakfasts to be precise, we had to make every one count! We went here on the second day and it was INSANE! Omg, you guys they have the best juices (I recommend “my sweet horny”) and the food is just as good as it looks. It is easy to get to from pretty much everywhere-just go there and you’ll know how good it really is!




    2. Brunch and Cake. Ok, so maybe what I ordered was not the most appetizing thing I have ever eaten. But, it tasted nice (ok…it tasted alright). The point is, I ordered wrong. However, they have plenty of other delicious things like their ricotta and pistachio pancakes. Also, try the avocado on toast (it looks amazing!). Their coffee is the best and it has a great vibe with great music. It does get super busy so, try to arrive before 10am.

    Tapas destinations-

    1. La Bona Sort. We came here about two hours after we had landed, as we were so eager to get out and explore the city! This restaurant is beyond beautiful; there are fairy lights in the courtyard and Spanish jazz playing in the background. We ordered the tortilla and it was the best one I ate in Barcelona. The atmosphere was lively and the courtyard overlooked the winding streets of El Born. This is definitely a must visit for tapas!



    2. Loft Del Born. This is where we ate on our very first night. (Just to be clear we didn’t have two dinners! We just had some tapas as a post flight snack!!). This tapas was incredible; we watched the sunset over the square, whilst eating tuna salad and fresh tomato bread. The tomato bread became a regular order wherever we went (it was seriously that good!). This tapas bar has great atmosphere and it is perfect for people watching, not to forget the perfect location.


    Barcelona travel video diary-

    Before you click on the video, I want to say that my thoughts are with Barcelona and what happened is horrific; no one should ever have to experience anything like that… xx