• Your “back to school” wardrobe

    Your “back to school” wardrobe


    It’s that dreaded time of year again: back to school season…Luckily, this year I am going to sixth form, therefore I have no uniform to wear (after like my whole life!!). So, of course, I took it upon myself to undertake the task of doing online shopping for school.

    Wearing no uniform, is like the BEST THING EVER! But, for me, it means every morning will be a fashion crisis. I will have to wake up at least two hours earlier, just to try on my whole wardrobe, then complain that “I have nothing to wear”. I know, that the school hallway isn’t a catwalk! However, I do think that it is somewhat important to make an effort. No uniform also means more money $$$ to spend on clothes (sorry mother!), and more room for experimentation.

    Considering, that school is rapidly approaching and like me, you have probably realized that summer is over, and dresses are a no go, I have put together the ultimate school wardrobe. This includes every category that you could possibly need to shop in: tops, sneakers, bags, I have got you covered! Click more to view the items and click to buy.

    Category #1: Tops

    Category #2: Jumpers/ Knitwear


    Category #3: Jeans


    Category #4: Trousers


    Category #5: Outwear


    Category #6: Sneakers


    Category #7: Bags


    Below, I have styled an outfit that I am (potentially) going to wear on the first day of school. Depending on the weather, of course, this jumper from & Other Stories is perfect. Black jeans are my “go-to” trouser choice at the moment. The ones I am wearing are from Urban Outfitters (they feature in the jeans category) and they ooze style, but are super comfortable as well. In terms of sneakers, I paired this look with my new Eytys sneakers- practical and stylish (plus they give me some extra height!).

    Shop my look below: