• Barbican photography + an update

    Barbican photography + an update

    Happy Thursday! I am sorry that I have not uploaded since Sunday but I will get onto all of that jazz later on in the post. If you have not yet been to the Barbican, then go. The brutalist architecture makes for surprisingly great photographs and design inspo. I have been wanting to visit the Barbican again, for too long, so it was only appropriate to grasp a free opportunity and take it with both hands!!! The Barbican is one of my favourite photography spots in London, so scroll down to see the shots. (Also, at the end, there is a little update!).




    My top leather jackets:

    My leather jacket is from Zara, available here.


    As we head back into the start of school season, schedules become full and people become super busy, ie ME! My aim is to post regularly; at least three times a week. But, forgive me if my three times a week turns into two…

    I will dedicate a proper post into my aims and goals for the next couple of months, obviously in relation to blogging!