• Saturday shopping + birthday brunch celebrations

    Saturday shopping + birthday brunch celebrations

    Firstly, if you don’t like brunch, stop reading right here! No, but seriously brunch is the best thing that has ever been invented. I live for brunch and would probably die for it too. Secondly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (for yesterday) mother <3! Hence, why there were brunch birthday celebrations going on. Dalloway Terrace is one of the loveliest places for birthday celebrations. It had been on my brunch bucket list for way too long, so any excuse to plan a visit is more than welcome.

    Apart from the fact that I got my brunch, I was in much need of some shopping. Going back to school after nine weeks of summer is never easy, especially when you realize the amount of homework you still have to do…

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    Rixo London is a dream. Especially when they have a popup that you were completely unaware of. I first heard of Rixo when I was doing my usual scrolling on Net-a-porter and happen to come across the most amazing dress. Their collection is nothing short of incredible. Talking to the lovely lady in the pop-up store, Rixo is a small company run by six people out of the founders house! My favourite pieces are their long kimono dresses; these can double up as a outwear piece or dress. Rixo team, if you’re reading this: send me your collection and I will never look back!

    Like I previously said: Rixo is dreamy. Their collection is magnificent and I was lucky enough to be able to take some shots of the pop-up store. So, enjoy!

    My favourite Rixo pieces:

    Also, just a little heads up: Axel Arigato is INSANE. Look up the brand. When, I say insane, I truly mean it! Not to mention, they have their own permanent store. Their shoes are the best, but I had to tell myself to be rational because I know that I have too many sneakers! Fortunately, they also sell “ready-to-wear” so I picked up a long sleeve top (found here in white).

    My favourite Axel Arigato pieces:


    Finally, here are some delightful photographs of the brunch at Dalloway Terrace.

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    Love Isabella xx