• London lifestyle: The Saatchi Gallery

    London lifestyle: The Saatchi Gallery

    Happy hump day! London is renowned for its galleries, be it the National Portrait Gallery or The Barbican Centre. All, in my humble opinion, are different in their own way. If you didn’t already know, it is also #LondonArtWeek, which means that Frieze Art Fair is imminent.

    On Sunday, I visited the Saatchi Gallery in Duke of York Square: it was one of the most outstanding exhibitions I had been to in a astonishingly long time! There are multiple different reasons why the Saatchi Gallery is my favourite gallery in London:

    1: It’s on the Kings Road

    If you didn’t know by now: the Kings Road is my second home. It has a Zara, Joe and the Juice, not to forget the SAATCHI GALLERY!

    2: They don’t just feature one artist

    Unlike some galleries, the Saatchi doesn’t just feature one artist. What I love, is the variety of artists and work they present.

    3: The art is contemporary and always provides the unexpected

    If you enjoy renaissance artists who use egg yolk to paint, fair enough! I study History of Art and as enthralling as I find it, I prefer contemporary art. When you walk from room to room, you will eventually come across a “show stopper”. A certain piece of art that leaves you in awe…

    And, for me that is what the saatchi does best!

    Photographs from the exhibition:


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