• What to wear in sixth form/college:

    What to wear in sixth form/college:

    Ah…Saturday at last; this calls for another blog post, this time: “what to wear in sixth form”. For those who don’t already know, I blog every Sunday, and Thursday fortnightly; to view my blog: type in www.stealthestreet.co.uk into a search engine and voila!

    What do I wear to sixth form?

    A question posed on the regular. In fact, every morning at around 06:30am. I know the feeling: raking around the unfolded clothes strewn all over the floor…Don’t worry, it isn’t just you!

    I thought that it would be easy to break this down into a variety of different categories. Number 1: tops; number 2: jeans; number 3: trousers; number 4: knitwear/ sweatshirts; number 5: outwear and finally, number 6: shoes.

    With such a vast collection of clothing out there, I would never be able to feature every single top in existence! I am also taking into consideration the budget of a student (because, lets all be honest: most of the time we’re broke!), but I will feature some special pieces worth the investment.

    1: Tops

    Tops form the basis of any outfit. They are the starting piece to a look. Below, I have featured my top 10 favourite tops:

    2: Jeans

    We wear them on a regular basis, and probably own at least three different pairs! I know, that I have at least five pairs (maybe thats too many?). My preferred style is a skinny leg with flared bottom, or a wide leg. I find that these styles are the most flattering, however, I have featured a range of different styles below:


    3: Trousers

    Trousers can be an easier option if you prefer comfort. Not to mention, there are some super cool options out there!



    4: Knitwear/ sweatshirts

    Now that it’s October, the temperature is slowly beginning to drop. Which means layering is essential in the cold weather. An easy way to accomplish this, is by opting for a chunky knit.


    5: Outwear

    Every year, I insist in investing in at least two new coats. The more you spend, the better the quality of the coat will be.  A basic idea, but, nonetheless essential for the colder months.


    6: Shoes

    What’s an outfit without a pair of snazzy shoes? I truly believe that every woman should own n+1 pairs or shoes (“n” being the number you already have!).

    Zara beretMaje dungarees and Free People teddy coat.