• Christmas countdown gift guide- Health and Fitness

    Christmas countdown gift guide- Health and Fitness

    Day 2 of my Christmas countdown is here and today, I am sharing with you my favourite gifts for the health freaks and fitness junkies. With Instagram playing a huge part in the uproar of the health and fitness world, there is always that one friend who priorities the gym over everything else. I have categorised my health and fitness gift guide into five different types of people. So, lets get onto the gift guide!

    The investors

    We all know that one person who spends hundreds of pounds on top of the gym, personal trainer and equipment. I know that the pieces I have featured for this person are, well ridiculous, but these pieces are super cool and worth the splurge. I am by no means saying to go and buy any of these for a best friend. However, if you have a loved one that is worth treating, why not go for it! My top pick: Marc Cain printed leggings. Whether you are running, spinning, boxing or just walking. These leggings are too gorgeous not to feature!

    The gym goer

    Let’s be honest, we all secretly wish that we went to the gym more often…Christmas cake, mince pies and turkey are all essentials, but after the indulgent period, we all need to detox ourselves a little bit! Why not make the thought of the gym easier with these perfect gym accessories and clothes. My top pick: gold Swell water-bottle. Staying hydrated, whilst drinking from the COOLEST bottle ever, I say #doublewin.

    The Runner

    Ahh, my category (and runners of course!). You will definitely catch me on Boxing day running in the cold, but in style nonetheless. I know that we all have a friend or loved one who is an avid runner. These health and fitness junkies don’t go a week without running. But, who said running couldn’t be done in style? My top pick: everything! No, but seriously my favourite item has got to be the Nike Vapourmax. I have been wanting these shoes for god knows how long. Maybe there is someone out there willing to buy me these (hint hint…).

    The Yogi

    The zen goddess, who is always tranquil. And breathheeee…Spice up a yogis life with some awesome yogi accessories. Alo Yoga is the best. The quality is insane and it makes anyone look good whilst working up a sweat. I think this category is best suited to anyone who needs a bit more zen, or who perhaps is already head to toe in zen. My mother adores yoga, so my top pick for her would be the tropical printed yoga mat. This is sure to up your yoga game, but making it tropical.

    *Top Tip: buy a yogi a monthly pass to their favourite studio. Click the link here to find out more: Yoga Hub London

    The lounger

    Cashmere hoodie and joggers: win win situation right here! If moving about isn’t really you or your friends thing, watch Netflix with a glass of Rose instead whilst lounging around in this uber luxe loungewear. Cashmere loungewear and socks make for the perfect cosy lazy attire. We all need downtime sometimes. My top pick: Chinti and Parker cashmere sweatshirt. One hundred percent worth the price and more; this has been on my wishlist for a long time!

    Get excited for day 3 tomorrow where I will be sharing my gift guide for the skincare junkies. Follow my instagram @issydaws and don’t forget to share!