• Self-reflection and my goals for 2018

    Self-reflection and my goals for 2018

    I hate saying this but, WHERE HAS THE YEAR GONE??! It only seems like yesterday that I was in Bali writing my first blog post and shooting photographs that would be featured! Overall, 2017 has been an awesome year. I have travelled to places I have always wanted to travel to. I have laughed and cried. I have made some of the most amazing friends and met amazing people who inspire me everyday. I have passed my GCSEs and learnt so much about blogging and how I can improve and build a better blog. Saying this, in order to have another amazing year, it is important to reflect. I am such a firm believer that in order to start a new year in the right way, one must reflect on the year just passed, but also set new goals to reach. Reflection doesn’t always have to be positive; I like to think of it as a way of becoming a better me! So, that leads me to asking myself 6 questions of self-reflection. I found these questions on Pinterest (follow me to see my goals in photos for 2018!) and thought they would make a great post to share with you.

    Without further-ado, let’s start the self-reflection!

    1. What went well this year?

    Lots of things have gone above and beyond plan! I never dreamed of starting a blog quite like this. If you did not already know, I used to have a blog before Steal The Street, however, I didn’t dedicate enough time and I was not so serious about it. So, for me starting Steal The Street has been a huge achievement of mine. I taught myself everything there is to know about setting up a blog (but of course I am always learning new things and trying to improve!). I travelled to Bali, a destination that has been on my bucket list for too many years. It was an unforgettable experience that I will cherish for many years to come. I visited Barcelona and Paris; exploring places off the beaten track and drinking good coffee whilst eating perfect food. I PASSED MY GCSEs and surpassed my expectations. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and found myself a job that I couldn’t be happier with. I moved to a new school and met the most amazing people who I love to pieces!!!!!!

    2. What did not go well?

    A more personal topic. Life is not perfect and I sometimes forget that. Of course, life is not always full of highs, there are lows, but that’s ok. I also want to mention the fact that failure is what drives us to achieving more. Without failure, we would never learn from our mistakes and improve on ourselves as individuals. You can’t fail, if you don’t try. I also think something that has been eyeopening to myself is the influence of social media on our brains. I won’t bore you but, scrolling through Instagram and seeing everyone else’s “perfect” life makes us feel shit. When you see a friend having fun and you’re just on your sofa watching TV. It happens. When it comes to doing nothing, I am the WORST person. I cannot just sit down all day and do nothing; there is always something I have to be doing like going to the gym or writing a blog post, taking photos etc. But I have realised that it is OK to not do much and sometimes relaxing is the best thing for the mind, and especially for stress.

    Stress, anxiety and perfectionism have been my worst enemy. They drive me crazy and lead me to feel shit…However, during 2017 I started to realise that I am not the only one that “suffers” from these emotions. Certain situations such as school, friends and general life, have lead me to feeling these things. Feeling down as a result does not mean I am weak or a bad person, it means that I am normal! So, in 2018 one thing that I am going to continue to do is relax and take time for myself without feeling bad about it.

    3. What do I want to do the same next year?

    I want to do lots and lots of travelling. Make new memories and new friends. I am a firm believer that travel broadens the mind; the sense of escaping from reality and experiencing new cultures is an amazing feeling. I would love to visit Bali again, but unfortunately I am not sure that will happen this year!!!

    A new year doesn’t just mean abandoning all the great things you did the year before. I believe it is about building on what has gone and adding onto what is to come. I loved spending time with my amazing friends and laughing and smiling. Grabbing free coffee from Waitrose at break (come on, we’re all guilty!) and annoying the librarian! Continuing to put effort and hard work into everything I do: schoolwork, my job, my blog and working out. I want to keep spending time with my family; it is so valuable and doesn’t happen too often.

    4. What do I want to do differently?

    Change is never easy; improving and changing is something I find difficult. I suppose a good place to start would be changing my perceptions on certain things. Similar to not judging a book by its cover (how cliche…). Throwing myself into every opportunity possible and making the most out of it. Spending more time with my friends and catching up with old ones. Travelling to new destinations (keep reading to find out my destinations for 2018) and experiencing new cultures. Definitely writing more blog post and shooting even more pictures. Trying not to get too caught up in bad situations.

    5. How much fun have I had this year? Was I fulfilled?

    My god, have I had the time of my life!!! I HAVE HAD SOOO MUCH FUN! Seriously, 2017 was an amazing year. Travelling to Bali and having the MOST INSANE time, was such a laugh. Swimming in the rain and getting harassed by monkeys on a beach in Uluwatu. Having diving competitions in Amed and finding starfish at the bottom of the ocean. Skiing for the very first time with my oldest friend and eating hot raclette whilst the sun set. Falling over multiple times and skiing down a red run on my second day (I do not recommend). Visiting new art galleries and taking photos of EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF ART! Discovering new brunch destinations; eating tons of avocado on toast and drinking buckets of coffee. Seeing lots of live music (shoutout to Kehlani- you’re the best). Celebrating my sixteenth birthday and having LOTS of champagne. Finishing school on the 12th of June and having the best summer of my life, with the best people. Leaving an old school behind with hilarious memories and starting a new one with so many amazing memories to come. Twirling around in Paris in my dress whilst my poor mother is being forced to take photos (sorry not sorry). The list goes on! I was certainly fulfilled and I am one hundred percent ready to smash 2018.

    6. What am I really proud of?

    My biggest achievement this year has got to be starting this blog. Going from knowing pretty much nothing to knowing lots about how create a successful blog (I’m not there yet, but in 2018 I hope to continue improving). Another huge achievement was passing my GCSEs. A hurdle that we unfortunately have to jump over- that is of course, if you live in the UK! Making new friends and having a blast with them is also something I am super proud of. I have become more confident, something I have never been the best at. Finally, getting my first job; a dream job of mine!


    My goals for 2018:

    • Travel to new destination (I have already booked two: New York and Corfu!)
    • Be more positive and continue to be happy
    • Take more time for myself by relaxing etc
    • Laugh a hell of a lot more with my friends
    • Blog more and plan new and exciting content for you guys
    • Take some amazing photos
    • Try new clothes that aren’t perhaps an obvious choice
    • Finally, LIVE LIFE TO THE MAX!


    I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my self-reflection and goals from 2017 to 2018. This post was definitely more personal- I don’t tend to share some of the things I have written! However, I really do hope this has given you some inspiration for your 2018! Do let me know, if you would like to see more of these posts because I enjoy writing them and producing interesting and new content to surprise you with. Here’s to a bigger and better 2018!