• What I am currently loving from Topshop

    What I am currently loving from Topshop

    Hello darlings, today is all about new season now! Honestly, this is the most awkward time of the year for shopping: sales are still on and new season pieces have not nearly finished coming in. It is an in-between season that no one really knows how to dress for. However, the other day, I was browsing through Topshop and noticed all of their GORGEOUS new pieces. Long, midi and maxi dresses, silk blouses, an updated mule. Everything they had was insane. I have to be honest, I have not shopped in Topshop for a while, but I am not skipping this opportunity to grab some fabulous pieces.

    What are the main trends for 2018?

    Whilst January has only just started, every fashion obsessor knows that in order to have a killer wardrobe for the upcoming seasons, we have to prepare NOW! I’m not evening exaggerating when I say that. So, what are the main trend to look out for in 2018?

    1. Sequins

    I somehow feel that sequins are usually associated with the work “tack”. In all fairness, the Zara multicolour sequin skirt was not one of my faves…

    Having said this, sequins don’t necessarily have to be “tacky”, instead they can be rather tasteful. Of course, I wouldn’t wear them to work, but would I wear them on a night out or for a dinner? Possibly.

    Here are my top 3 items featuring sequins:
    Sequin TrousersSequin Dress and Sequin Top

    2. Checks

    They were becoming increasingly popular last year and have continued their popularity this year. With the trend all stemming from Burberry (the OG), checks come in so many forms, it is super easy to style. Throw on a beige trench coat and a pair of ankle boots and the let the check do the rest!

    My favourite check items are featured below:
    Check Coat, Check Trousers and Check Skirt

    3. Pastels

    Building on last years “pink” addiction, this season is toning down the brightness and making way for softer colours. Baby blues, mint greens, violets and lemon yellows are going to be huge. Despite white not technically being a “pastel” we are going to be seeing white shoes everywhere! Personally I have never been a huge lover of pastels, but like anything I am willing to branch my style out even further and test the pastel waters.

    From coats to knitwear and shoes, I have got you covered when it comes to having the best pastel numbers out there.

    My favourite pastel items are:
    Paisley Dress, White Western Boots and Yellow Mohair Jumper


    4. The new mule

    Mules are going to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever. I seem to have fallen in love with mules, whereas before, I never gave them the justice they deserved. Pair them with a light wash jean and a blazer or even a midi dress; you will never look back once you have made the jump to purchase a pair.

    What I love about mules is their versatility: jeans, dress or skirt. They will work. I have seen mules at £400 and mules at £20 but, what makes them different. Well, probably two things: the designer and the material they are made from. However, having said this, if you are looking for a pair of mules just to last the season, Topshop has some amazing picks.

    Here are my favourites:
    Satin Mules, White Mules and Snakeskin Mules


    5. Trench coat (a new way to wear the classic)

    I am sure we are all aware of Burberry’s classic trench coat: sandstone with the nova check lining. But, for those who can’t afford to spend £1500 on a trench coat, I have a couple of options for you.

    A trench coat is the perfect outwear option for between seasons, it is light and effortless. Since the original sandstone trench, designers like Topshop have reinvented the classic. PVC, leather, black, pink: you name it, a trench coat can come in literally any fabric, design and colour. But, this season is all about reinventing the classic. There has been fringing, belts and excessive pockets added to such an innocent coat. In my opinion the reinvention of the trench is a sight to behold!

    Here are my favourites:
    Trench Classic, Trench vinyl and Trench green


    There you have it. My top picks from Topshop based on the “must know trends” for 2018. I cannot wait to purchase some of these items myself. If you purchase any, please do tag me on Instagram as I would LOVE to see them on you guys!!!!

    Have a wonderful week,