• New York City: total food guide

    New York City: total food guide

    I cannot believe that it has been nearly two weeks since I left for New York and sadly, over a week since I returned…However, I am still in high spirits and excited to share with you my New York City total guide. Whenever I travel, I make sure to plan well in advance! This means booking restaurants, finding the best coffee and making note of all the sights I hope to see. A major player in these decisions is Instagram. Before you roll your eyes, Instagram is a very useful, under the radar tool. I use other bloggers to find the ULTIMATE New York City hotspots and trust me, they really know their stuff!

    New York City is huge. There are unlimited places to eat, drink and gossip; lucky for you, I am going to be sharing every coffee shop and restaurant I went to, plus some notable others.


    If you didn’t know already, I am a regular coffee drinker*. In fact, I was probably drinking coffee whilst writing this! Coffee is hugely important to me, so the first thing I always make sure to do when travelling is to find my nearest coffee spot.

    *Skinny flat white, nothing else and nothing milky

    1. Blank Slate Coffee + Kitchen

    Blank slate was one block away from my hotel. This made it super convenient in the morning when I needed strong coffee ASAP. The cosy interior makes Blank Slate one of my top picks.

    2. Bluestone Lane

    This was probably my favourite place to grab a coffee in the whole of NYC. They have a number of branches which are located around the city. My favourite branch was the one in the West Village; the atmosphere is busy and there is a cool, young crowd! Apart from the amazing coffee, they do great breakfasts, brunches and lunches.

    3. Dover Street Market’s Rose Bakery

    Dover Street Market was located literally behind my hotel: it was a Godsend. Not only is the cafe located within the coolest store, the coffee and rustic style cake it some of the best in New York.


    I could not do a city guide without giving you an infinite guide to the best brunch destinations in the big apple. Brunch is the most important meal of the day: you can either go savoury or sweet (or both). Plus, it means that avocado toast is always welcome, no matter the time. There are honestly, so many brunch places that are worth mentioning, so I have also created a map to show you where the best brunch in NYC it at.

    1. Reynard

    Located in the trendy Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, Reynard is probably my favourite brunch destination out of all them. Reynard is in a super cool hotel, which makes for the best Instagram photos. The iced coffee and fresh bread is the best: simple yet absolutely delicious.

    2. Old Rose at the Jane Hotel

    I happened to find this as a result of following some NYC food bloggers. The interior is beautiful and definitely photo worthy. The brunch is also amazing and the avocado toast one of the best I came across in New York. There is also an amazing view of the Hudson River. After, I visited the Whitney Museum of American Art (110% worth the visit).

    3. Penelope NYC

    This was one block away from the hotel I stayed at, so of course, we went here on our first morning (because we were so tired and needed food ASAP!). There is always a queue, for good reasons, and a lively atmosphere. But, let me tell you about their brunches because OMG, they are a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Don’t let the huge portion sizes distract you from the deliciousness. Order their waffles and filter coffee to kick start your morning.

    (other notable brunches in New York City)

    1. The Butcher’s Daughter

    2. Jacks Wife Freda

    3. La Mercerie

    4. Peaches

    5. Pietro Nolita

    6. Russ and Daughter’s Cafe

    7. Egg Shop

    8. Cafe Henrie

    9. While We Were Young

    10. Carthage Must Be Destroyed


    Dinner in New York City was probably the best meal that we ate, maybe even better than brunch (did I really just say that?). I made a conscious effort to make all of our dinner reservations well in advance. Instagram was used again to find the best dinner in New York City.

    1. Epistrophy

    We ate here on our first night in NYC and it still remains one of my favourite ever meals. It’s a super cute and intimate Italian restaurant, located in the heart of Nolita. I have never in my entire life, tasted better pasta than the pasta served at Epistrophy.

    2. Bocaphe

    If you love Vietnamese food (lets be honest, who doesn’t?) then Bocaphe will be right up your street. Courtesy of my favourite blogger, (Song of Style) Bocaphe soon became on my radar for places to eat dinner. It is located in the trendy SoHo district, so you could always grab a drink before hand. But, the cocktails (both with or without alcohol) are delicious. Also, their Pho noodle soup and Boa buns are the best thing ever.

    3. Seamore’s

    Seamore’s is a popular destination amongst locals and fish lovers. They have a couple of locations, but I went to the Chelsea one which had a super cool and vibrant atmosphere. You can choose from a range of their catch of the day fish to use in either their famous fish tacos or daily special. I chose their mussel, fish and white bean stew: it was amazing.

    5. Rosie’s

    You cannot go to New York City, without eating Mexican food. It’s just not the done thing to do. I accidentally came across Rosie’s as we were walking towards SoHo and on the search for something good to eat. Rosie’s is in the Downtown district, but don’t let the area put you off because, it was the best Mexican food I have ever eaten. It’s not the same as eating Mexican in London- Rosie’s was something else. You must try their Maiz Enchilado, I even asked for the recipe: that’s how good it was!


    (Other notable dinners in NYC)

    1. Tacombi

    2. Lilia

    3. Rosemary’s

    4. Chelsea Market

    5. Gallow Green

    6. Victor’s Cafe

    7. Humble Fish

    8. Antique Garage

    My time in New York feels like way too long ago and I cannot wait to go back extremely soon. I ate sooooo well in New York and I know that if any of you go, you will be able to have the same amazing food experiences as I did!