• Why investing in skincare is the secret to good skin

    Why investing in skincare is the secret to good skin

    I’m sure you have heard it before: “skincare is where your money should be”, printed all over magazines. Personally, I couldn’t agree more. Skincare is the secret to looking flawless and feeling beautiful. If you invest in truly great skincare products, you will eventually begin to notice visible effects. You will begin to experience a change which will make you glow, inside out. But, not everyone has the money to spend £300 on a La Mer facial serum or to take the time out to have a rejuvenating facial. I am going to be sharing my current favourite skincare products and brands and share some skincare secrets which will garuntee radiance.

    On a recent trip to New York, I couldn’t help but enter the skincare store of dreams, A.K.A: Sephora. Sephora doesn’t only sell an incredible range of desired beauty products, it also sells these products at a far cheaper price (way better for my bank account!). I certainly took advantage of this and purchased some goodies.

    Dr Jart

    I first discovered Dr Jart in Selfridges, however, only the face-masks were for sale and not any other products. My skin is prone to both extreme dryness and redness. I have persistently tried in the past to find the “golden” product that will banish my skin of dryness and redness, and sadly failed. I also have extremely sensitive skin, making it even harder to find the perfect product.

    Dr Jart is a Korean skincare brand, renowned for its ability to cure any skin of any problem. One thing that I must mention: Dr Jart is not cheap, but it is certainly not expensive. For a moisturiser, it costs around the £50 mark, which for an incredible skincare product, is no where near expensive.

    I purchased the Circapair, Tiger Grass Cream. It has a rich and thick consistency, which admittedly, requires a fair amount of elbow grease. It has a slight greenish tint, but this wears away once rubbed in. I apply this every night before I go to sleep and prefer to use it as a night cream, rather than a morning or day cream. I find that this moisturiser is amazing at tacking dryness and redness at the same time.


    I always regarded Origins as brand that was targeted towards an older audience. However, after trying their cult GinZing moisturiser, I could not get enough. Origins is the lowest priced out of all the brands I am featuring. But, if you are on more of a budget, I cannot recommend Origins enough. My favourite products are from their GinZing collection, especially the moisturiser. It is the perfect moisturiser to use in the morning or as a base for your makeup. I also love their GinZing exfoliator, which I use twice a week maximum.

    Emma Hardie

    I became aware of Emma Hardie as a result of my mother. Before you roll your eyes, I promise you that Emma Hardie is loved by many young women! Emma Hardie’s products are infamous for revitalising and lifting skin. Her serums are incredible for making skin appear soft and firm, whilst retaining a youthful glow. I love her cleansing balm and all her serums.


    Rodial is perhaps one of my most loved skincare brands. Their products are magical and work wonders on your skin. I cannot emphasise enough how amazing all of their products truly are! From Bee Venom to Dragon’s Blood, their ingredients are natural and sensitive towards skin. If you’re a face mask lover (who isn’t?), you have to try their Snake and Oxygenating Bubble Face Mask- it is INSANE!

    Other skincare brands I love

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