• Things I just cannot get enough of

    Things I just cannot get enough of

    Recently, I have been having a bit of a jewellery moment. I absolutely love wearing earrings and I could never imagine myself leaving the house without a pair of hoops in my ears! Jewellery is something that just makes an outfit. Throw on a couple of necklaces and earrings and you have a complete look. I never used to be a necklace kinda girl. However, I seem to have had a necklace epiphany. Aside from my sudden jewellery infatuation, there are a couple of things I just need.

    I though that the best way to go about sharing my current loves, is through discussing the brands that design them. The first item is a shell necklace. Shells bring me many fond memories; foraging on the beaches of Cornwall searching for the prettiest shells. Don’t ask my why, but I find shells very chic!

    Hypso Paris

    I came across Hypso Paris via Instagram (nothing new, really). Although they don’t have a website, you can order via their Instagram. They have the most gorgeous shell necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The majority of their jewellery is gold, so for all of you golden girls, this brand is for you.

    Bonanza Paris

    Another Parisian brand. Maybe Parisians make the best jewellery? Let me know! I also discovered Bonanza Paris via Instagram. They also sell the most fabulous shell jewellery. Unlike Hypso Paris, Bonanza Paris does not use actual shells. Instead, their shells are in a bronze and gold. My favourite pair of earrings has to be their shell and pearl drop earrings. There is something so mesmerising about this item.

    Reliquia Jewellery

    Reliquia Jewellery is Spanish jewellery brand, also selling the most beautiful shell earrings. Their seashell pearl earrings are beyond incredible and I most definitely need to get my hands on these as soon as possible. They have also been worn by non other than Man Repeller’s Leandra Cohen, who I actually have a small #girlcrush on.

    Wald Berlin

    I may go as far as saying that Wald Berlin is my favourite out of all the jewellery brands. Not only is their jewellery reasonably affordable, it is super cute too. If you are a Vogue fanatic (who isn’t?), they have been featured in the magazine multiple times. The pieces are also super Instagrammable, which is a win win situation.

    Brinker and Eliza

    Since I have been just a bit obsessed with shells, it would only be appropriate to share another brand which, you guessed it, sells shell jewellery. Brinker and Eliza is not cheap, but we’re not talking hundreds! However, I would not hesitate to buy their beautiful shell earrings. Especially for summer, they make any beach outfit complete.


    Aside from my shell jewellery obsession, which thinking about it, may be slightly excessive, there are a couple of other things I cannot get enough of.

    Anna Kosturova

    Because summer is here, which in turn means holidays, finding the right swimwear is a necessity. Every single year, I spend too many hours trying to find the “perfect bikini or one-piece”, which in all honesty, probably doesn’t exist. However, I am persistent, meaning I spend another lot of too many hours searching. When it comes to swimwear, there are certain guidelines which I swear by, but these will be explained in another post! In my many hours of swimwear hunting, I came across a brand called Anna Kosturova. I actually found this brand as a result of being on BeachFlamingo; this is a wonderful website with gorgeous swimwear.

    Anna Kosturova is a Canadian designer, who’s swimwear is based around bohemian aesthetics. However, her swimwear does unfortunately come at a price. But, I purchased the most beautiful crochet bikini from BeachFlamingo (Anna Kosturova) for under £100. You can shop it here: Anna Kosturova crochet bikini.


    Another bohemian brand. One of my all time favourite Instagrammers (Blanca Miro) gives me the best inspiration when it comes to finding brands that are completely new to me. Gimaguas is just one of those brands which is made for European beach holidays. They sell a range of clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery. My top pick has to be their bags. We all know how perfect straw bags are for summer, and Gimaguas do the most perfect ones out there!

    Bimba Y Lola

    Perhaps, a more well known brand. Bimba Y Lola is quite hit and miss for me, but they do some very cool bags and jewellery. I was actually inspired by a girl who I work with (Flossie!). She had the coolest bag and ever since, I have been on the hunt for a similar one. Luckily, Bimba Y Lola came to the rescue. Even better, the bag is in the sale. Jelly tote bags are rather cool and quirky; they are super convenient for the beach and even in the city. Bimba Y Lola has jelly bags in the sale for £33, which I think is a bit of a bargain. They come in multiple colours and are a decent size to fit a towel, bikini, sunscreen and any other beach essentials.

    To shop my Anna Kosturova bikini click here: Anna Kosturova bikini.

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