• Trend Bingo- What To Wear Now

    Trend Bingo- What To Wear Now

    Fashion month has just finished, leaving us with an abundance of inspiration. From snakeskin and zebra print to cowboy boots and tiny bags, I will be sharing every single trend that should be on your fashion radar. I will also be sharing some of my favourite shows from fashion month.


    The first trend is cowboy boots. This is possibly my favourite trend yet, especially as we are entering the colder season, boots are the perfect shoe for any outfit. I have seen so many amazing street-style looks, featuring cowboy boots. My favourite pairs have to be from Ganni and Calvin Klein. Two very different takes on the western style, but equally as amazing.


    I have seen snakeskin everywhere: from silk shirts to boots and bags. There is no way of avoiding this trend! It has been seen slithering down the runway and on every “cool girls” Instagram. Snakeskin is eye-catching and is easily translatable from the runway to the streets. Some of my favourite looks from fashion month were Saint Laurent and Kenzo, two very different ways of approaching snakeskin.


    Bucket hats are not just restricted to festivals. We have seen Prada and Burberry take on the bucket hat in many different forms; we’re talking fur and nova check. Forget the beret and beanie, bucket hats will soon be featuring in your wardrobe. Styling them with a light trench or blazer will instantly vamp up your look.


    I am OBSESSED by pearls. I came across the most amazing brand, Timeless Pearly, on Instagram and seriously need to get my hands on some of their incredible jewellery. The pearl as we know it has had a major makeover- peanut pearl earrings and pearl initial necklaces. For optimum pearl overload, try layering.


    Its golden hour somewhere! Yellow coats, yellow bags, yellow shoes, you name it, yellow is everywhere. Personally, yellow is not really “my” colour. I’m not sure yellow works on blondes! However, I saying a big yes to bright yellow turtle-necks and yellow mini bags.

    6. UTILITY

    Workwear has come back for good. Utility jackets and utility pants. All shades of earthy colours are perfect for this wearable trend. Perhaps, designers are paying attention to Kanye West after all? But on a more serious note, utility wear is such an easy trend to wear in the colder months. You can layer utility shirts with heavy utility jackets and even a classic boot.

    7. CHECKS

    I am a big fan of this trend. I may have even gone a bit over the top with checks this season, purchasing a gorgeous pair of Sandro kick flare trousers (featured below). Checks are easy to wear, but can be a no if worn in excess. Checks are readily available in many garments: bags, shoes, coats, knitwear and trousers. Designers have drawn inspiration from the original Burberry Nova check.


    Drawing upon inspiration from vintage silk scarfs by the likes of Hermes and Versace, many other designers have adopted this chic print. I particularly love the beautiful dresses from The Kooples, featuring a patchwork silk design (see below). However, the high street has also achieved this trend, such as Zara with their wrap dresses.


    Another trend which has been inspired by vintage pieces. A new and upcoming brand, By Far, have the most gorgeous mock crock bags and mules. My favourite piece from their collection has to be their pochette bags. But, other designers such as Ganni have adopted the mock crock and made an elegant boot.