• Jewellery round-up

    Jewellery round-up

    I feel like jewellery has become something which you can never have too much of. In the past months, I seem to have accumulated a substantial collection of jewellery, ranging from rings to necklaces and earrings. I never used to wear jewellery and now, I cannot imaging wearing an outfit without it. It has become an outfit staple!

    Today, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite pieces in my ever growing collection. My favourite piece of jewellery has to be earrings. I cannot imagine a time where I left the house not wearing hoops. They are an essential, which I never ever forget to wear. I have three piercings and plan on expanding, which will give me an excuse to buy more! I have recently been OBSESSED with ear huggies. In particular, for my second piercing. They are dainty and in my opinion, look way better than a silver or gold stud.

    Aside from earrings, I am in love with necklaces. I now have a considerable array of necklaces, gold and silver. A necklace can never just be worn on its own, it must always be layered. However, the golden rule is layer with lengths. Never layer necklaces which are the same length: what is the point! How will you see them?

    A newly found accessory is rings. I never used to wear rings, let alone own any. But, I have recently discovered them and certainly am not looking back! My most recent find was in a charity shop- I found a brand new Bimba Y Lola ring for £8. I was way too happy with myself.

    My favourite brands

    I have mentioned some of these brands before and some of these brands are completely new! Courtesy of my Instagram explore page…

    Brinker and Eliza

    Bimba Y Lola

    Wald Berlin

    Its Etre

    Soru Jewellery

    Them Bones Jewellery

    Alison Lou

    The Outlier

    Nalin Studios

    Anni Lu Jewellery


    Louis Abel

    Alex Mika


    Stone and Strand